Monday, 18 May 2015

Battle ships

On Friday we played a game called battle ships. We learnt how to play it so we will show you how. You will be making 2 maps so copy the first map when you have done making it. ( You will also be making this on a Google Drawing ). These are the things you will need.

  • A map of the Gallipoli Peninsula
  • 100 squares 
  • 1 length ship, 1x. ( One square , Use a shape for your ship )
  • 2 length ship, 2x. ( Two squares ) 
  • 4 length ship, 1x. ( Four squares )
  • 5 length ship, 1x. ( Five squares )
  • A Partner ( This will be your opponent )
  • You will also need to make a row reference and a column reference
Goal: Your Goal is to sink your opponent's ships by guessing the correct locations.

How to Setup:  
  • Secretly place your ships without looking at your opponents screen on to the map.
  • You can place your ship horizontally or vertically but not diagonally.
  • The Ships are allowed to touch each other but not allowed to be in the same place.
  • You will have to make the perfect square to get 100 squares
  • Then you can make a copy of the map ( and squares ) and you are ready to play.
How to play:
  • Players will take turns a guessing the opponents ship.
  • When its is your turn yo will need to guess the locations using the row reference and the column reference. Say it to your opponent and he\she will say if you missed or you hit. If they hit you they will say which ship they hit you on.
  • Every time you have miss or a hit on the second map you will find the same location and mark it white for miss or red for hit.
  • You will have to place your ships on to the water, but my map was to close in to the picture.
Victory:  To win you will need to sink all of your opponents ship.
    Here is a screenshot of my game with my partner if you still do not get this game.

    Wednesday, 6 May 2015

    Sign Language Week

    I have used a google draw to make a poster that shows you how to spell my name using sign language because this week is sign language week.