Thursday, 14 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey

The Summer Learning Journey for NEXT Foundation from Next Foundation on Vimeo.

Today we had a special assembly premiering the summer learning journey movie. We had visitors from, Point England School principal, Rachel Williamson the founder of the summer learning journey, Mr Grady the chairperson of board of trustees, our principal Mr Johnston, Hazel from Wool Fisher, Mr Sneddon chairperson of Manaiakalani, Ms Grant, Mrs Lee, Mrs Jenson, Bill Komod the CEO of the next foundation. The summer learning journey is a programme that runs through the 6 week holidays and schools take part in this. Students blog about the topic that is given I think the recent topics were quite interesting and fun to learn about. I got to lead the assembly and meet new people. I hope that the Panmure Bridge students are going to win next year and keep up the fun blogging.  

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey

On Friday, Hazel from University of Auckland came to talk to us about the Summer Learning Journey. This holiday's theme is Journey Through Time in New Zealand. It sounds very interesting, and adventurous. I would like to know more about New Zealand's history. This could be a great way to learn about our history, because as well as having an adventure, you are increasing your skill with comprehension and writing skills.

Graduation dance

Since graduation is coming up the year 8's had been having dance lessons. We have learnt the cha cha, rock and roll, circle dance and the barnyard dance. One of the hardest parts was learning the thread the needle which took place in the rock and roll dance. I think it was the most complicated dance move that we have ever learnt. My favourite dance is the circle dance because it is fast and upbeat.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Tech - Robotics

On Friday we went to tech. Mia, Zahra, Nazella and I finished off our stained glass. But this day was different. After we finished with our rotations we went to stand underneath the shade shelter. All of us were split into three groups P.E, Social Studies and Robotics. I was in robotics. There was two Mdrones and two Mbots. Sa kae, Shakaia and I were one group and we went to a Mdrone. But before we could play with the drone we had a quick lesson from Max. Now we were able to make our drone fly. There was a app that you had to get first so you could make the drone fly. We used different controls to make the drone do different moves. After playing with the different controls Mr Dunn gave us a challenge to complete, we had to start on the x and get back on the x. We were rewarded at the end with lollies so that was a bonus. I had fun playing with a drone and controlling it.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Fire Station Visit

As part of our inquiry we visited the fire station in Panmure. We met Norm, Bob and some others. This was a great opportunity to be able to see what these firefighters do to train and more. Since it is fire station they were still expected to show up on a call. We learnt how they help get people out of cars and they told us tips on staying safe around fire. Did you know that fire fighters do more than just put out fires? They are called when someone is having a heart attack or something else, they are called first respondents which means they are not paradigmatic. This was a very interesting visit and I enjoyed it a lot. 

Thursday, 9 November 2017


Today we had Badmington. We learnt our forehand and backhand skill. To help us with this technique we worked in partners, we both had turns hitting with our forehand and backhand then rotated while doing this we kept a rally. A rally is keeping the shuttle from going on the ground and involves two people. I found today's lesson hard because I'm not the best at badminton  and the technique is challenging. 

Manaiakalani Film Festival

Yesterday was the 10th anniversary for the Manaiakalani film festival. We went to watch a few of the movies from our Manaiakalani cluster. There were different little movies about dancing, skits and experiments. After we watched a few movies we got to watch them online and leave positive comments about this. One of my favourite movies was a film by Ruapotaka school it was about Rugby values, i found this interesting because the different types of transitions in the video and the helpful advice that was given. 

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Nurse Shark DLO

Today Nickaela and I  were  learning about  the  Nurse Shark. We looked for animals that names start with our first names. Our letter was N. They are mostly found in  the Caribbean Islands and from Southern California to Peru on the American west coast. I hope you got interesting facts about Nurse Sharks from my DLO. 

Friday, 3 November 2017

Guy Fawkes Safety Rules

Mia and I made a DLO about guy fawkes day since this weekend is going to be Guy Fawkes we had to give others a reminder on the safety rules of this. One of the reasons why was to keep everyone safe over the weekend. A rule that wee came up with was to keep children out of reach of Fireworks. This was an important rule because children will think it's fine because it won't harm you but it is very harmful and can cause serious issues. 

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Rippa Rugby Inter-school

Today was the Rippa-Rugby inter-school and our school took part in this. We had four games in total, our girls team had played against Point England the score was 1-9. We then challenged Glen Innes school which was very hard because it was windy and our tags were flying off but our team worked together to keep going. Now we were up against Tamaki Primary using our passing skills we made a lot of yardage but had a close loss. Our last game finished off with a loss against Glenbrae School I think this was our best game because we kept communicating with our team mates, scoring tries and ripping the tags. 

Monday, 9 October 2017

Day 2 Activity 1

Today I did the second of day of the holiday reading challenge, for it I had to find and write down fove interesting facts about the sky tower.

Blog Commenting

Today I commented on all of Nazella's blog posts she only had 2 

25 Word Summary | Bumper boats BONUS Activity

Today I did the bonus activity for the school holiday reading challenge, for it I had to watch a video, choose and describe how I would feel if I went on the ride with a 25 word summary I also had to include an attributed image or video of that ride.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Stratosphere - Day 1, Activity 2

For the second holiday blogging challenge I had to write what is the minimum height to ride the stratosphere which is one of the rides at Rainbow's End and then also write why I think there is a height restriction. To do this activity I created a google draw and also inserted an image which is not labelled for reuse because I wasn't able to find a picture of the ride that was labelled for reuse.

Rainbow's End

For day 1, activity 1, I was having fun exploring Rainbows End. In this activity, I had to find where Rainbows End is located on Google Maps, and how much it would cost for my family to go Rainbows End. For the Superpass Adults, it would cost $186.00 because 3 x 58 = 186. For the Superpass Children, it would cost $104 because 2 x 48 = 104. In total, it would cost $255.00 for my family to go to Rainbows End. 

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Production 2017

Last night my school Panmure Bridge had a production because we were celebrating the 60th year since this school has been open which is a very long time. To celebrate each class room had a dance that was from the past to this year. We also had our Pacifica group and Kapa Haka preform.  It was really fun but hard at the same time because we had to run up and down to change customs but we all managed to get on stage at the right time.

The Princess Bride - Shot Types

For the past week, our class was focusing on a film study about "The Princess Bride". We had to choose one of the activities we had completed, to post. This DLO is about  about the movie "The Princess Bride". 

Former Prime Minister

Helen Clark is a former prime minister of New Zealand. She is a very powerful women who made New Zealand more noticeable around the world. Helen Clark was the 37th Prime Minister and was the second women to hold the office. She was a great leader of New Zealand. 

Kiwi Can

Today was our last session for kiwi can for term 3. We were split into 4 groups and we played objects. We then went outside and played hand soccer. We had to get the ball to our goal using our hands. We were numbered and when our number was called out we had to run and get the ball to our goal. 

Cross Country

Today we had cross country fun run. We ran 4 laps around our course. This helped us with our endurance because we had practises to help us with our pace and how to run. I think this run was really  hard and challenging because you had to run up a hill quite a few times and it was muddy through the fields. I worked hard to came 2nd for our school and I came 5th for inter school 

Monday, 25 September 2017

What is Coalition?

Today LS2 were learning about Coalition. We were learning about how the Coalition with Winston Peters will affect the NZ Government. Coalition is when a smaller political party joins a larger party to increase the amount of seats that they will have in Parliament. 

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Government Party Jigsaw

Since this week is election week, we are learning about elections. In our learning we have completed an activity called 'Government Party Jigsaw'. In this jigsaw Mia, Zahra, Ofa, Javeylor, and I have added the leaders of the main party and what electorate they are in.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Read an Ebook day

Today is Read an e-bookday and is a celebration of modern storytelling. Our classroom chose a book off the Tamaki College Overdrive site to celebrate. On the Overdrive site, there are a lot of different varieties of books you can chose from. You can choose humour, action, science fiction and many more. Read an e-book day is on September the 18th this year. We can read books anywhere and anytime we want. #Ebooklove 

Friday, 8 September 2017

Two Word Sentences

In writing we had a look at two word sentences, two word sentences are simple sentences. Using the simple sentence we added in FANBOYS which makes it a complex sentence which joins two simple sentences or ideas together with a connective. Using the complex sentence we used AAWWUIBBIS to make it a compound sentence. 

Tamaki Overdrive

Using the Tamaki overdrive we selected a book to read from a wide variety of non-fiction, fiction, mystery and suspense and more.Description about the Wednesday Wars is In this Newbery Honor-winning novel, Gary D. Schmidt offers an unforgettable antihero. The Wednesday Wars is a wonderfully witty and compelling story about a teenage boy's mishaps and adventures over the course of the 1967 to 68 school year in Long Island, New York. Meet Holling Hoodhood, a seventh-grader at Camillo Junior High, who must spend Wednesday afternoons with his teacher, Mrs. Baker, while the rest of the class has religious instruction. Mrs. Baker doesn't like Holling—he's sure of it. Why else would she make him read the plays of William Shakespeare outside class? But everyone has bigger things to worry about, like Vietnam. His father wants Holling and his sister to be on their best behavior: the success of his business depends on it

Friday, 1 September 2017

Year 8 College Experience

Today, the year eights went to Tamaki College to see what it is like at College. Tamaki College kindly provided morning tea and lunch for us it was yum. We had a couple of classes to show us what it would be like next year, at college. After interval we had maths and science and after lunch we had English and PE. Maths was run by Mr Jones, science was run by Mr Stoddard we were learning about static electricity. English was run by Mr Stevenson. For English we had to learn 10 words that Mr Steveson gave us and find images to match them. PE was run by Mr Moyes. We all had an amazing and fun time. A big thank you to Tamaki College for providing transport, food and a fun day of learning.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Why it's great to be me

In my class we have a new subject for this year which is called DARE it is all about keeping ourselves self also finding out more about ourselves. This task was fun because we had to get into a group of four and log into our Tagul account this is a website that creates a word cloud and it is very awesome to use. In my group of four we had to type the ABC on a Tagul and type words to answer the question why it's great to be me. For example for the letter A we put down the word active because we are young a very active. Why is it great to be me ? it's great to be me because I am a True friend I am hard working when I'm with my friends I am Brave, I am really Active I like play Netball to get Active and Run around the playground. 

Monday, 28 August 2017

Complete the Contraction - Mishaan

Today we had writing. For this task we had to complete the contraction. This was a really easy task to complete because all we had to do was write the contract word. My favourite word that I contracted was it. An example of an contraction is I will. The contraction to this word is I'll. My layout has a lot of room but that is OK. Here are some other contractions that you might like. 

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Careers - Tattoo artist

Yesterday I started a Two DLO about what I want to do in the future. When I grow up I might choose to be a dancer. Why? Because when I was about 5 years old I loved Art. In this half detailed DLO I have put in the opportunity you will have getting a job as a Tattooist and more. This was really easy to complete but it was hard as well. One tip I would have to tell you is make sure you turn up with the right gear at all times. But Art is not my favourite. Yeah. It is actually Netball. I am not a very good artist and have no idea on what to do but I enjoy it a lot. This is my so called future. Hopefully it all goes well.

Thursday, 17 August 2017


Image result for Netball cartoons GA And GSRelated image

T3 W3 Netball Report

On Tuesday night we had our third netball game for the term. We played against ANI We managed to win our netball game 15 - 5 . This was our Third win this season which really motivated all of us to try even harder to get our fourth win.  Shakaia and I got nearly all our goals in the ring which was a big help. Thank you to Mr Johnston, Mr O , Gemma and the girls that came to the game and cheered us on from the sidelines. Well done to all the girls for playing fantastic.


T3 W2 Netball Report

On Tuesday night we had our netball game at AMI netball courts.We played against Parnell Intermediate.Parnell Intermediate won by 15 to 4 and we unfortunately lost.We would like to thank our coaches for running training sessions and Mr Johnston and the parents that have come to support us. Congratulations to Shakaia and I for the play for the day

Wednesday, 16 August 2017


Since this week is maths week, we made a geometrical flextangle. I made a smaller version on A4 paper and coloured this in then made my own design on A3 paper with different shapes. I think this was really fun because it challenged me a lot in different ways and I got to make my own design.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Kate Sheppard - Sketchnote

Shakaia and I made an online sketch note using google drawing, based on our learning about the Suffrage Movement. We made a sketch note to make connections with our learning and to show what we have learned. Learning conversations helped us learn from our partner. It was definitely an important skill for this activity. 

Wednesday, 9 August 2017


Today, LS2 has been doing rewindable learning with our dance. We were practicing our dances for our school production. We got split into three groups. My group is doing the song I see red and the other two groups are doing Stayin' Alive and Footloose. Yesterday, Zoe (The dance teacher) taught us the moves to our songs and because Mrs Anderson took a video of us, we watched ourselves doing the dance so if we made mistakes (Which we definitely did) we could work on it the next time we practice dancing. 


On Monday I started an illustration about idiom. Idiom is a group of words known by how much its has been used. I have put in different examples about idiom. An example of idiom is "Fish out of water". Meaning you are somewhere where you don't belong. This has been one of my favourite illustrations to do so far. I have enjoyed creating my own illustration using my own words. This was not hard to do but it was not easy trying to find the right idioms. 

Kate Sheppard

Yesterday afternoon Shakaia and I started this DLO about Kate Sheppard the leader of the suffrage movement. In our DLO you will find out different information about this powerful women. We have made this to the best of or ability. With the help of our teacher we got this done. We didn't know anything about this lady until we had a group conversation about who she is and what she did. Coming into this group as a newbie I think I have learnt a lot about this one person who changed the world with just her voice. The suffrage movement was a group of women that wanted the right to vote in the elections. 

Friday, 4 August 2017


Today for tech, the graphics group were up to painting their MDF designs. We got our clocks laser cut, then we started to draw our designs on to our MDF pieces. After we completed drawing our designs, we started painting our MDF and used the primary colours to mix and made different colours. We had to paint layers of the same colour because the MDF was to dark. It was also best to use opposite colors so each colour would look bright.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Netball Report

T3 W2 Netball Report
On Tuesday night we had our first netball game for the term. We played against Baradene blue yr 8. Thanks to our coaches Gemma, Mia and I for stepping up and helping Mr O with training they really helped us to improve from when we started. We managed to win our netball game 17-3. This was our second win this season which really motivated all of us to try even harder to get our third win. Thank you to Mr Johnston, Ms Sloan, Gemma and the girls that came to the game and cheered us on from the sidelines.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Suffragette movement

Since woman's rights was a big issue in the olden days our reading topic this term related . We watched ayoutube video about the suffragette movement and wrote a 25 word summary on "what was the suffragette movement". . I found this quite hard because it isn't a skill that I have mastered (summary) but talking to my group helped me make my connection.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Why Is It So Important To Keep Oral Storytelling Alive?

Why is it important to keep the maori story’s going because Myth and legends are a traditions way that have been past down from generation to generation .  

For this task we had to watch a video about Maori oral storytelling. We watched three videos talking about oral storytelling. We had to work collaboratively with our partners. We had to answer the question Why is it important to keep oral storytelling alive. The hard thing about this was that the videos were in Te Reo so we had to read the subtitles.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Math's - Ordering fractions

For our math's warmup we played a game based on ordering fractions. It was easy, but very fun. The game was easy because I know how to order fractions quickly. 

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Matariki The Maori New Year

This afternoon Shakaia and I were working on this DLO about Matariki. We have put in what there names are, who they visit and why they visit that person. We have made this to the best of our ability.  I have enjoyed making this DLO because we did not get any help on the information. My favourite part was doing how many sisters there are. Why? Because I already knew what the sisters name were. This is our learning in our own words. 

St. Lucia's Day

This afternoon I did St. Lucia's day about what people do in Scandinavia. This is what Shakaia and I did during the middle and last block of school. We have made this to the best of our ability. This is our DLO on how Scandinavian people celebrate . This is what we got up to.

Winter Solstice and Summer Solstice

Yesterday I completed a google slide about the winter solstice. I did this with Shakaia. While I was away Magenta helped Shakaia to finish our animation. We have put in facts about the winter solstice and summer solstice. We have done this to the best of ability. This piece of art will take you on an journey to out of space without even noticing you are! So sit back relax and enjoy the magic.

Composting - With Mrs K

This DLO is based on our inquiry topic, " Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle". I have created a DLO about the plastics that can be recycled and can't. I used my smart searching skills, to search up which plastics could be recycled and which plastics could not. I have also added images with attribution to thank the author. 

Plastic Free July - Tamaki wrap

Since the Tamaki Wrap came to talk to us about Plastic and our environment, they came and gave us some ideas on how to reduce the amount of Plastic we use in our daily lives. What shocked me the most was that Auckland sends the same amount of Plastic that can fit a football stadium which is quite sad because I think us Aucklanders are capable of reducing the amount of plastic we use. 

Thursday, 15 June 2017



Today for dance Fifita and I have completed our dance routine. We also found music to go with our dance routine. After everyone finished their routine we had to find another pair to show their routine to. We partnered up with Shakaia, Brooklyn and Savelina. We had to record them and show the video to them after to see what they need to work on. We thought that their dance was quite short so they should add some more moves.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Puzzling Maths With Shakaia

This morning Mishaan and I were working on our maths DLO. We have given in our own words how we came up with the answers and what maths equation we were working on. We have done this to the best of our ability. We have done two maths problems in one maths DLO. This is what we got up to. 


One of our reading focuses was to summarize a book called Eco-rangers Save the Planet. As we red we wrote down some words that are important. So we started off with 20 words then cut it down to 6 most important words.  Now we made a summary with those 6 words. I think this summary was quite good and we used good choice of sentences to fit the words. 

Friday, 9 June 2017


This week we were learning about poems. I learnt about rhyming words. Rhyming words are words that sound similar with each other. An example is Where and Stare. They sound similar but they are two different words. My favourite Metaphor was " chocolate sea" because it was describing the tea of how they used chocolate and sea. There was also another simile which was " zoom goes the spoon like a silver typhoon" which rhymed and it had a simile because it had "like". I enjoy reading different poetry's and would like to make more of my own.

Thursday, 8 June 2017


Today in dance we worked on our geometrical dance. We got reminded that we had to be in sync with the music meaning in time and the different types of music that will suit our dance. We had to think about the tempo which is the speed and the beat of the music. It was quite tricky for our group but we managed to get some moves that we made up into a creative way.  To inspire us we watched a video that could give us some ideas of what to do. We compared and contrasting with two different genres such as ballet music and rock music.  

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Samoan Tatau

Today Shakaia and I completed a DLO about Samoan Tatau VS Modern tattooing. In our DLO you will see the difference between modern tattooing and Tatau. What is Tatau you ask? Well Tatau is the Samoan way of tattooing. We have done this to the best of our ability. We chose to do Samoan Tatau because this week is Samoan Language week this week. Samoan people use different methods to us and different tools. Here is what our finished DLO looks like.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Maths - BEDMAS

Today in math our focus was on BEDMAS. BEDMAS helps you solve multiple operations if you start from left to right. This DLO has a short equation that is solved using BEDMAS

Friday, 26 May 2017

Tech @ Tamaki College

Tech at Tamaki College was great. Today was our new rotation so we changed to graphics. This term we have to design clocks customized by our own. We first had to make a college about ourselves adding in pictures of what we like our favourite food and etc.  We then had to gather different types of clocks such as a digital clock or an alarm clock. I am excited to see how this turns out because this very different.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Today I have been working with Fifita, Viva, Te Wai, Calvin, and AJ. On our Reduce, Reuse, Recycle DLO it shows you about our opinion and and questions that we have answered. We have worked together to get it done.


In writing I had to make a DLO based on Similes. A simile compares two things using the words 'like' or 'as'.  In my DLO you will see what a simile is and some other examples of a simile. For example she is as quiet as a mouse or that is good as gold, these are all examples of what a simile looks like. I have also added in images to give examples. 

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Narrative- Skateboard

The skateboard was racing down the road with Amella on it. It was speeding down the hill like a cheetah. Amella was worried that something might happen to her or her cousin, but she was having too much fun. Her cousin came down the hill straight after. Then crashed right into Amella. Amella hit right into a car that was backing at of a driveway.

Her leg was was aching in pain as her cousin rushed over. Amella roared, louder than a lion. Amella told her cousin to go and get help. She was lying on the road looking at her wobbly leg, waiting for  somebody to come and help. While she was waiting for her cousin to came back with  help Amella was gasping for air. A man came past and was looking at her the man said are you alright “No i’m not I think my leg is broken”

As the man picked up his phone he dialled 111 and ask for the paramedics. The ambulance didn’t get to Amella fast as they thought because they couldn’t see her but Amellas cousin got back with her mum and dad. They racing down in a harred  to  Amella and was asking her what happened to you. “I can’t talk right now I am into much pain” said Amella. Can you take me to the hospital.

When Amella arrived at the hospital there were so many people waiting to be seen by an nurse. At last it was Amellas time to get seen by an nurse. The nurse took Amella to take a x-rays  so they could see all her bones.   

Our focus in writing today was to understand how to use and punctuate dialogue.  8 synonyms with the word said and explain how to use it. .we have been working on our writing Narrative and writing a story and thinking about our Language Features and Fanboys.

Thursday, 11 May 2017


During the morning and middle block we did dance. For dance Mrs Anderson said we had to create our own warm up routine. My partner was Mia and nazlla, we watched warm up videos to get some inspiration. Making up the moves was easy but doing the them was really tricky. Warming up and stretching before you have a sports event it can help you move a lot easier. But if you warm up and stretch to much you will lose some of your strength to do something. This was a very fun task to complete and cant wait till next week.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Pizza Problem


In this DLO I had to work out a strategy and figure out the problem to this.  I have written the question, the clue and my strategy or my way of solving the problem.  This helped us with our fractions, multiplication and division. This was a tricky problem to solve but I successfully figured it out.

Making Connections

Making ConnectionsL.I. Identify connections text to text, text to world and text to self
Text to text

Text to world
Text to self
Something I have read or watched that is like this is...
Something I know about that is like this is...
My reaction to this story is...

  • Magenta: A movie I have watched was an ANZAC movie about the war in Gallipoli.

  • Shakaia: The book I have read like this is poppy and Wishy Washy.

  • Mishaan: Something I have read was the War and Peace.

  • Shakaia: This reminds me about last year when I went to the Museum with my class.

  • Mishaan: This book reminds me about when we went to Howick historical village and saw all the house that they lived in back in 1982.

  • Magenta: This reminds of the book my old teacher read to us and it was called the Poppy.

  • Magenta: When my teacher read the story to us I felt like it was a funny book but then it became a mystery book.

  • Shakaia: My reaction to this story is inspiring because they are a  caring couple and this book is very funny.

  • Mishaan: My reaction was that it was sad because the interesting bit was he took all the doors off and the sad bit was that they died at the end.

This DLO that Shakaia Magenta and I had to make a connection in the story and kind of compare it to a text or a film, the world and the how we felt about the story.  One of my examples was how I watched the film " The Maze Runner" this related to the story because the country was not a democracy meaning that it wasn't ruled by the people of the land.