Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Agent Of Change

Ms Kirkpatrick/Math

Today we had math with Ms Kirkpatrick. We played a game called ordering decimals. This game is an interactive game that can help you learn your decimals it really help me ordering the decimals. I really liked this game because it will help me learn my decimals in the future and you should check the game out yourself and play along.

Friday, 24 February 2017


In food tech we got to make chicken kebabs and potato salad. This was a long process but it turned out to be really good with the correct equipment we needed.  I learnt how to make potato salad. We first put the potatos in the pot of hot boiling water , with the potatoes diced and sliced. We put this in for about 15 minutes then took them out. Now we added in some spring onions to it and put some dressing in along with some boiled egg. I thought this was really nice along with the chicken kebabs that tasted nice. I hope to make many more of these in my own time.

Kiwi sport - Futsal

Today we had futsal with Martin who is from Argentina. Futsal looks like soccer, well it's indoor soccer also known as futsal. Futsal is really fun. In futsal you wear flat shoes because it helps you keep control of the ball. Futsal is a little bit different because they have a smaller soccer ball which is heavy, have a smaller field because it is indoor soccer, goalie can only throw in the ball, and it's only a 40 minute game. First we played warm up games. Our first warm up game was flag tag, after that we played dribbling challenge, lastly we played the number game. I learnt that futsal is an indoor soccer game. I really enjoyed doing this with Martin and the LS2. Thank you Martin   

What is a river?

Fifita and I worked together to create a DLO on what is a river. This was apart of our inquiry with Mrs Anderson. Fifita and I has put labels on the Tamaki river map to show what we are talking about. We have tried our best to show a really cool DLO.

Today I was learning my fractions by using eako maths. I use eako maths to learn because it is way better to use and it is a much more fun way. Use eako maths because it is a much more fun way to learn your maths. I really like using eako maths so I know that you will too.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Personal Passion

 This is a task for my Excellence and Innovation CARE award. I had to create a DLO talking a little bit about my personal passion, I added information and included what I have improved on from soccer (my personal passion).

(Care Awards) Thank you letter to Mrs Anderson

This is a DLO saying thank you to my teach. This is one of my Respect C A R E Award task. I have wrote a lot of things to my teacher. Mrs Anderson is a very kind , respectful and amazing teacher. I have learnt a lot from my teacher. Thank you Mrs Anderson for everything you have done to me. Thank you very  much. 

Chicken with Rice - C A R E Award - Respect

For one of my Respect C A R E Award task I had to make dinner for my family. I made chickenIt was pretty hard to make the chicken source  but I stall managed to make it. My family said it was delicious the thing was it was messy rice. It was so delicious we wanted more and more. I think you should make chicken with rice for your family.

Life at Pbs

  1. Today for one of my Respect C A R E Award Task I had to make a collage about Life at PBS (Panmure Bridge School). I have photos that show how we learn at out side of PBS.

Water Care

This week we were learning about Water and how to take care of the water. The teacher that teach us is Sally. She tells all about Water and she also showed us what happens when you put some in the sink. Sally also showed us how did the water from. Thanks to Sally that tells us all about water so now we can keep out and do the right thing.

Tech - Ms Heka

Today we went to Tamaki college for our first day at tech. We have our sessions at food tech with Ms Heka. At tech we made spaghetti, bacon, cheese, and pineapple in bread which looked like cupcakes. Before we even started to do anything first we had to get our trolley that had our medium bowl, wooden spoon, 2 measuring cups, 2 choping boards, and a pink and green knife. We needed these tools because the medium bowl was used to mix all our ingredients in, spoon to mix our ingredients, 1 measuring cup is for the cheese and the other measuring cup was for the pineapple. Mia and I helped each other dice up the bacon, we also helped each other dice up our pineapples. When it was time to place our bread in our muffin trays it was a little bit hard because it kept on breaking so then Ms Heka told us to push the middle of the bread. Now everything goes into the bread and now it is in the oven. We take it out with oven gloves to be safe. Yuum they are delicious. Thanks to Ms Heka for preparing this for the year 8's.   

Water Cycle


For inquiry we have been learning about the water cycle with Mrs Anderson. Collection, evaporation, condensation and then precipitation.(It does not need to be in that order because it is like a circle, no start and no finish.) Collection. When it rains the water goes in to oceans, lakes and rivers etc. So the water has gathered the sky water and wait until evaporation. Evaporation is when a hot day comes and the water gets warm and rises into the sky. Condensation, is when the water vapour in the air turn back into liquid. Then precipitation or you might know it by rain. It happens when water condensed that the clouds can not hold it. Then the cycle continues because that is why they call it a cycle.   

Kiwi-sports Futsal

Today our new kiwisport is futsal. This sport is basically a smaller version of Football because it is half the size of a normal football and has 20 minute halves. The rules are also different when the ball is out the ball is played as a throw in football but in Futsal the ball is played with a kick. It also has 5 players per team and has a smaller field.  We played a few games just to get us warmed up then we got to practice on our dribbling with the ball. I learnt how to control the ball with 4 parts of my foot the inside of your foot, the outside of your foot, the front of the your're foot and etc. 

Thursday, 16 February 2017

C.A.R.E-Aretha Franklin Respect

Respect is Song by Aretha Franklin
This song was Released in 1967 Image result for R&B/soul

Category R&B Soul

The Song and the Lyrics: Click Here

This song was sang by a various amount of singers like, Kelly Clarkson sang in 2002, Otis redding sang in 1964. Ike & Tina turner sang in 1971, Adeva sang in 1988, Rotary connection sang in 1969, The Rationals sang in 1966, RLB & Barbara  Tucker sang in 2010, Jimmy Barnes sang in
This is a research about the song Respect by Aretha Franklin and it was also sang by some various amount of singers for example  Tucker sang in 2010. I have done this research as part of my CARE Awards based on Respect.

Brochure-Belonging to P.B.S

support by Mishaan Sylva-Brown

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

LS2 Collage

Today Nazella and I created a collage showcasing what we did in the morning. Nazella and I had to think about the layout and borders, including the sizes. We had to find pictures of people working as a group.