Thursday, 29 October 2015

Research Tag

Research Tag

Choose a country and write a question about it.  For example what foods do they eat in Romania?

Big idea:history

Now go and find a book that you think could answer the question and fill out this information.

Book title:Afghanistan

Author/s:Gillia Olson


Date of publication:2005

Keywords found: page number 4 & 5

Page #’s:1

Key pictures found: page number 4 & 5

Page #’s:5

Line Shoot

This is the game that room 9 played it is about lines there are 6 driftnet line.I have 90% 

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Matching Parts of a Book

Matching Parts of a Book

L.I. Know the different parts of non-fiction books

Each part of a book has a special name which you need to be a familiar with.
1. For each description below find the matching term in the box.
2. Write in the correct term in the space provided.

Index =Alphabetical list of all the topics in a book with the page number where the information can be found.

End papers= The first and last pages of a book.

Illustrator = The person who prepared or drew the pictures.

Introduction = Information about the book found at the beginning of a book.

Dedication = Words about a special person found at the front of a book.

Author = The person who wrote the book.

Glossary =  List of special words used in the book with their correct meanings.

Spine = The flat narrow outside strip of the book.

publisher = The company who made the book.

Cover = The outside of the book.

Spine label = The label which identifies the book on the shelf.

Bibliography = A list of more books on the same subject.

Contents = A list of the titles of the chapters.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Choosing the Right Book

Choosing the Right Book

L.I. Matching questions to book titles
Looking for keywords in a question

Here is a list of some books you might find in the non-fiction section of a library:

Which of the books would you use to find out:

1. How many people live in NZ?
Yearbook of Population
2. Which special stamps were issued in New Zealand in 1992?
Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue
3. How to look after a puppy?
Caring for pets
4. Where the custom of Easter Eggs came from?
Dictionary of Customs and Fables
5. The date of the Wahine disaster?
Everyman’s Dictionary of Dates
6. Which records were broken at the last Olympic Games?
Guinness Books of records
7. The size of Noah’s Ark?
The Bible
8. The speed of the first aircraft to fly under power?
A History of Flight
9. The story of how the first under four-minute mile was run?
Encyclopedia of Athletics
10.  How the Greeks used a wooden horse to enter the city of Troy?

Myths and Legends

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Library Referencing

Referencing a non fiction book.

Solway ,Andrew. (2005) What’s living in your classroom?,
 Heinemann: Oxford.

Face painter

The first maths activity I did was called Locating Faces.  I had to estimate how many faces there are and then after I had to paint the faces and see if I was not right.

The  second maths activity I did was called Predicting Faces.  I had to estimate how many faces there are and then after I had to paint the faces and see if I was right.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Dewey Decimals


Non-fiction books are arranged on the shelves numerically.
The books are given a decimal number according to their subject.

Try putting these numbers in order.

1.001 2.362 3.500 4.593.9
5.610 6.629                  .7.37.5 8.745.5
9.808.8 10.994

Look through the non-fiction shelves in the library.  What subjects do you find at these numbers.

004-Computer Science

500-Science Mathematics   
821-English poetry  
993.1- New Zealand history

At what Dewey Decimal number would you find the following subjects:
Myths and Legends? 753
Fashion? 687
Inventions? 608
Birds? 598
Fairy tales? 398.21

Monday, 18 May 2015

Battle ships

On Friday we played a game called battle ships. We learnt how to play it so we will show you how. You will be making 2 maps so copy the first map when you have done making it. ( You will also be making this on a Google Drawing ). These are the things you will need.

  • A map of the Gallipoli Peninsula
  • 100 squares 
  • 1 length ship, 1x. ( One square , Use a shape for your ship )
  • 2 length ship, 2x. ( Two squares ) 
  • 4 length ship, 1x. ( Four squares )
  • 5 length ship, 1x. ( Five squares )
  • A Partner ( This will be your opponent )
  • You will also need to make a row reference and a column reference
Goal: Your Goal is to sink your opponent's ships by guessing the correct locations.

How to Setup:  
  • Secretly place your ships without looking at your opponents screen on to the map.
  • You can place your ship horizontally or vertically but not diagonally.
  • The Ships are allowed to touch each other but not allowed to be in the same place.
  • You will have to make the perfect square to get 100 squares
  • Then you can make a copy of the map ( and squares ) and you are ready to play.
How to play:
  • Players will take turns a guessing the opponents ship.
  • When its is your turn yo will need to guess the locations using the row reference and the column reference. Say it to your opponent and he\she will say if you missed or you hit. If they hit you they will say which ship they hit you on.
  • Every time you have miss or a hit on the second map you will find the same location and mark it white for miss or red for hit.
  • You will have to place your ships on to the water, but my map was to close in to the picture.
Victory:  To win you will need to sink all of your opponents ship.
    Here is a screenshot of my game with my partner if you still do not get this game.

    Wednesday, 6 May 2015

    Sign Language Week

    I have used a google draw to make a poster that shows you how to spell my name using sign language because this week is sign language week.

    Saturday, 21 March 2015

    All about me

    All about me
    My name is Mishaan I go to panmure bridge school and  I was born in New Zealand. I want to talk about my family, my hobbies, and my friends.
    My family is very important to me because they are a part of my life. There are my  three brothers, my mother and  father,nan and my papa in my family.My brothers take care of me when i am at home when my nana and papa are going to work.this is my brother Trinity

    My hobbies are running and  Netball. I do Netball when I go to bishop and kalani house to play netball at her house.I do the running at home for my family because I think that it is cool at home for my family to see me run at home.
    Image result for net ball game
    My friends they are Mia, Javeylor,Inotia,Jasmine,Iyrs,Eta, and Angari.They are important to me because they are a part of my life and Javeylor has be in my life for ever she was in the school that I when to.

    My family has many people and they are important because they help me a lot and they encouraged me you do my netball they support me when I am at netball and running.  

    The most important thing in my life is my family because they always care for me even when I am angry at them and I hope they know that.

    Friday, 6 March 2015

    Room 9 graph

    WALT Read information on a graph

    What animal people like in Room 9.

    Dogs are very popular and Cat.Then Horses,Puppies and Fish have the same vote.