Thursday, 15 June 2017



Today for dance Fifita and I have completed our dance routine. We also found music to go with our dance routine. After everyone finished their routine we had to find another pair to show their routine to. We partnered up with Shakaia, Brooklyn and Savelina. We had to record them and show the video to them after to see what they need to work on. We thought that their dance was quite short so they should add some more moves.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Puzzling Maths With Shakaia

This morning Mishaan and I were working on our maths DLO. We have given in our own words how we came up with the answers and what maths equation we were working on. We have done this to the best of our ability. We have done two maths problems in one maths DLO. This is what we got up to. 


One of our reading focuses was to summarize a book called Eco-rangers Save the Planet. As we red we wrote down some words that are important. So we started off with 20 words then cut it down to 6 most important words.  Now we made a summary with those 6 words. I think this summary was quite good and we used good choice of sentences to fit the words. 

Friday, 9 June 2017


This week we were learning about poems. I learnt about rhyming words. Rhyming words are words that sound similar with each other. An example is Where and Stare. They sound similar but they are two different words. My favourite Metaphor was " chocolate sea" because it was describing the tea of how they used chocolate and sea. There was also another simile which was " zoom goes the spoon like a silver typhoon" which rhymed and it had a simile because it had "like". I enjoy reading different poetry's and would like to make more of my own.

Thursday, 8 June 2017


Today in dance we worked on our geometrical dance. We got reminded that we had to be in sync with the music meaning in time and the different types of music that will suit our dance. We had to think about the tempo which is the speed and the beat of the music. It was quite tricky for our group but we managed to get some moves that we made up into a creative way.  To inspire us we watched a video that could give us some ideas of what to do. We compared and contrasting with two different genres such as ballet music and rock music.  

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Samoan Tatau

Today Shakaia and I completed a DLO about Samoan Tatau VS Modern tattooing. In our DLO you will see the difference between modern tattooing and Tatau. What is Tatau you ask? Well Tatau is the Samoan way of tattooing. We have done this to the best of our ability. We chose to do Samoan Tatau because this week is Samoan Language week this week. Samoan people use different methods to us and different tools. Here is what our finished DLO looks like.