Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Tahuna Torea

Here is my  movie about our trip to Tahuna Torea. The reason why we went on this trip was because it was linked to our topic flight and all senior classes had been looking at the Godwit / Kuaka. The view was really beautiful and we saw lots of interesting things. I also enjoyed playing on the park because there were lots of playground equitment to go on. I really enjoyed playing on the high ropes, the swings and the swirly thing. I really enjoyed my time here. 

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Photo Collage @ TC

This is a photo collage on what we did on Friday. This collage tells a story in time order on what we did. We first had a revise on the scientific words like hypothesis, variables,  and way more. My hypothesis was that I thought my straw rocket would go far, but when it was time to test it out my straw rocket didn't go as far as I wanted it to go. My favorite part was after lunch when we were going to make a real rockets and launch them with real engines. We didn't get to finish them so we are going to finish them this friday. 


On Friday, we spent the whole day at Tamaki Collage making rockets. The first thing we did was make straw rockets. These were really fun as we got to create them and blow them ourselves. Plus, they were really easy to make. After we had lunch, it was time to create the real rockets with real engines and to launch them into the sky. We first had to design all of our rockets and then have to launch them.