Friday, 31 March 2017

Meat Pie Fillings

Tech at Tamaki college was a blast , in food tech we prepared our fillings for our meat pie. I worked collaboratively with Mia we managed to complete this task successfully. We first added in the diced onions then added in the mince , after this step we slowly added in the stock which will kind of make the mince more thick we now added in the corn starch this made it even more thick so there was enough pies to make for me and Mia. I can't wait for next week as we will finally finish off making our pies. 

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Kiwisport - Tennis & Futsul

Today LS1, LS2 and Room 5 walked down to the tennis courts at the Marist Club to play futsul and tennis. My group started by playing futsul. We used all the techniques that we were taught at school. We then rotated to tennis. We learned about control and how to hit the tennis ball correctly. 

Thank you to Martian and Nevil who provided us fun. We had an amazing time.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Can’t believe they made us do this!

I felt very nervous in the dark. My heart was racing, we set off behind each other in a line.We walked very slowly step by step, with other shoulder in front of us for us to see.

We were greeted by the glow worm community. As each  step we took we got further along the pathway as we all grabbed on each other and came closer. I could feel mud going throw my shoes. Each time the light went out the chatter of insects got louder and the screams of classmates came closer.

As we tiptoed across the small  bridge Mrs A and Mrs C was taking a photo of a huge spider. Mrs C shone the light at the spider and Mrs A screamed when the spider came back and stared at us. We were so excited to see the lights back at camp until a cricket started heading towards us on the deck.        

Last week the year 7's and 8's went on camp to Kokako Lodge. This recount is about our night walk. The night walk was really scary when everyone turned their torches off and all we could see was the darkness coming for us.

Thursday, 16 March 2017


In the middle block we did maths. Before I could move on to playing this game that I will tell you about later,we had to work with Mrs Kiripatrick. If we got the first set of eight questions of decimals that miss gave us right we had to say thank you Harry. Unfortunately  I was the only girl that passed the first round. I played a game called Hungry puppies. This game is a really helpful game that can help you on learning you decimal numbers. And that is what I did for maths.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Hunua Ranges (CAMP)

This map shows where my house, the Papakura wave pools,Kokako lodge, School and the Hunua Ranges. To make this one of these template you first have to go to your drive and press google maps. Since I don't want to make anyone fall asleep of boredom Ill just tell you the last step. You then now have to embed or take a screen shot. Then post it on your blog. I really liked doing this work because it helped me on learning the different areas in Auckland.When we leave it when take us 42mins from Panmure Bridge School to Kokako Lodge.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Tech @ tamaki college

Today at Tech in our food technology we made Quiche. Since this was quite easy considering we made little smaller version last week. I got to prepare our fillings and my partner that helped me was Mia. The fillings were bacon, cheese, onion and cream cheese it seemed simple but it was really good. It was a long process of steps but we finally made our quiche. 

Thursday, 9 March 2017

E-ako math

Today my main focus for eako was Place Value.  I had fun learning my place values on eako maths. Eako maths is fun to use. I really enjoyed it.

Omaru River

Our main inquiry focus today was about the Omaru River this river is located in East Auckland , Glen Innes. We were talking about the positive side affects and the negative side affects. To share our thinking we had to make a DLO about it and add some images to kind of back up our positives and negatives. The blockages in the river can make the water stagnant which can make the water dirty and polluted.Fifita and I worked together.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Today for maths the stars [my maths group] played a game called fruit splat. This game is about the greatest number and the lest greatest numbers. For example one 2 and 4- the GCF [ greatest common factor} will be 2. I really like playing this maths game and I can see myself playing this game in the future.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The Shake Out

Congratulation to Latham,Jasmine,Sylis  by making this amazing video for Panmure Bridge School.I think you have done a great job.You have done a hard work by using one of LS2 student  to make your video.


Comparative / Superlative

Comparative / Superlative

Image result for Happy
Image result for Happy
Image result for Happy
Our writing focus today was to look at Comparative and Superlative.  This was kind of hard considering some of the questions were trick.  Like for an example  it was Happy, Happier and Happiest this was tricky because everyone thought that it was different but it wasn't. To show some examples I used happy emojis  as a result of  Happy, Happier and Happiest.