Friday, 25 November 2016

athletics day

Today was athletics day for panmure bridge. The year seven's got split into three groups and competed with each other on the different stations that we went to. The first station we went to was were we had to throw netball/basketballs into a hoop. Everyone had lots of fun, even though we stopped early because of the rain.


In hockey today we got to learn a few of the basics and some warm up games just to get a clear idea what was going on.  We first started with a warm up game we played Octopus. We then played a nice game which could help us control and be steady with the ball.  So it was exactly the same as traffic lights but with a hockey stick and a hockey ball. Red light was to stop,  orange light was to slow down a move the ball from side to side , green light was to go fast, silver was to go really fast and Purple was to go backwards but watching where you were going. I enjoyed this activity the most because it helped me more with a skill. Then next game was to juggle the ball with the hockey stick this would help maintain our focus on the ball.  The most I got in a row without dropping it was 12 I thought  I did pretty good considering I was really bad at Hockey.  We then ended off with a nice game which had a twist. You were split into groups then the coach would yell out a number then , say if she calls out 2 , 2 people from each group would run up and   try to score. I enjoyed this lesson because it helped me more of maintaining and controlling the ball. 

Jean Batten Timeline

This week in  inquiry our first task was to make a timeline in chronological order. This specific timeline was about the famous aviator Jean Batten since our Inquiry topic is Flight this would specifically be about aviators and pilots etc. I worked collaborative with Harlem and Mia. We first had to gather information about Jean then had to write it in time order followed by images. I learn so much about this person . I learnt that she is the first women to fly herself across the South Atlantic Ocean.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Manaiakalani film festival

Yesterday we played a game which was based on cyber safety.  Since I landed on a youtube video it came up with commenting with some videos that I assume we had to watch. I thought this was really good that they used old films from the Manaiakalani film festival. This particular  film gave us some commenting tips. The other video also gave us tips. I liked the videos because it's always in steps which made it specific.  I can't wait to continue on with the other activities that are in store for me. 

Kiwi Can

This is an poster that the #Unkown team made in Kiwi Can today. We learnt what say nice or positive thing about people.Facebook is keeping the comment section positive and Messenger you should not give your private info to others people.Instagram you should always follow the people you know and trust others. YouTube watch age restricted videos. Snap-chat Post appropriate photo and videos.You should always keep yourself safe on social media.

Keeping safe on social media with Kiwi Can:

This is the poster that the '#Unknown' team made in Kiwi Can today. We learnt how to say nice or positive things about people. If you use Facebook and Messenger you need to think about keeping the comment section positive. Remember you should never give your private information to other people. If you are using Instagram you should only follow the people you know and trust. If you use YouTube you need to watch videos that are not age restricted for you. When you use Snap-chat make sure you post appropriate photo and videos.

You should always keep yourself safe on social media!

Friday, 4 November 2016


For the past few weeks we have been learning about Godwits. Watch this presentation to find more information. Lyndon, Jorja, Fifita  and I worked together to try and finish off our presentation about Godwits. Godwits are one of the most coolest birds ever. I can't believe that they can fly from New Zealand to Alaska without stopping for 8 days. We have been researching a lot about what they look like, what they eat, where they live, and what eats them. As you can see we have tried our best to put this on our blog