Friday, 15 April 2016


We had to find out the words that sounded like Un, Mya and I looked in the dictionary and found all of these Un words. I found this easy because you just need to look in the dictionary and Write it on the computer.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Teach a small group of juniors a game

Silver Attitude Award

To Miss Donaldson

You have been a great teacher and a good friend. I am lucky to have been blessed with a teacher like you. You changed my world,
you helped me find my way. For i would not be here today. If it hadn’t been for you. And for that i’d like to say,
“Thank you, my loving teacher Miss Donaldson”
From Mishaan sylva !!

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

ANZAC Poetry: Main idea-Mishaan &Mya

Elephant Toothpaste

The Horrible Mouse

The Horrible Mouse

It was 8.00 pm and it was a rainy night. Mr Edmonds was doing his work. Then all of a sudden he glimpsed an ugly mouse running around his house like it was lost.

He tried catching the mouse, but the mouse was as fast as a cheetah. He set up mouse traps with cheese on but the mouse ignored it. The mouse knew it was a trick. Then Mr Edmonds put his left over cheese near the door and tried calling the mouse over. So the mouse went near the door and sneakily took the cheese while Mr Edmonds wasn’t looking. After the mouse took the cheese Mr Edmonds looked at the the door and found that the cheese was gone, he slowly turned around and saw the mouse running with the cheese. He actually thought that the mouse would run outside with the cheese.

Mr Edmonds gave up trying to get the mouse with mouse traps and his leftover cheese, instead Mr Edmonds tried to find a good spot to catch the mouse. But the mouse went to a good hiding space where Mr Edmonds couldn’t find him. Mr Edmonds searched his whole house for the mouse but he couldn’t seem to find it so he went to the place where he usually went and that was his little cupboard. When he opened the door a big creaking sound happened, Mr Edmonds said  “Oh dear! I really need to fix this cupboard, I wonder how long it’s been since I opened the door”. Then all of a sudden he spotted the mouse hiding in the old, musty cupboard.

When he found the mouse he saw the mouse trying to rip up all of his favorite books, he said to the mouse “What on earth are you doing to my favorite books?” The mouse just squeaked and ran out of the cupboard. Mr Edmonds tried hitting the mouse with his chair but he couldn’t do it so he waited a bit and found the mouse sitting near the doorstep.

After finding the mouse near the doorstep he swooped up the mouse with his hands and set it free so it can be with its family again. After Mr Edmonds caught the mouse he went back to work and worked as busy as a bee until he had finished everything he had to do.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Food Tech

Today we learnt to make an upside down cake. An upside down cake is cooked the wrong way round. You put the fruit on the tin then cover it with cake mixture. When its cooked you take it put of the tin and turn it the right way round. Our cake was a mango upside down cake. The cake mix tasted really nice but I didn't like the mango.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Current Events

This is DLO that I have created with my group Evelyn and Mere. Today we were learning about Bus Strike in the Auckland City, we were also learning everything we learnt from the videos about the Bus Strikes in Auckland. Our learning intention is to identify the 5w's of a Current Event. We had to think about the 2 point of views clearly so that it was a correct statement.

Friday, 1 April 2016


  • On a farm
  • Long grass
  • Winter
  • Morning
  • Girls
  • Boys
  • Scared
  • Hiding
  • Trees
DRAFT - 3 Sentences

One early winter morning a boy named Connor and his sisters Emily and Amelia were walking to school. Until they bumped into a stranger that had blood running down his coat. Their faces went purple as the stranger was staring at them. He grabbed something out of his coat which was a razor sharp knife. As he brought it out they figured that it actually wasn’t a real knife, it was just a fake to make the kids scared. Emily and Amelia ran to hide in the trees with Conner right behind them.

Strategy DLO

This is my Strategy DLO i have been working on My strategy was to round the nearest number to a tidy number using subtraction

Finding out about LS2

Baking Soda And Vinegar

All about me

All About me

Hi my name is Mishaan.I have 5 brothers I live with my Nana and Papa. As a year 7 student I know to take my learning up a stage.I am in Learning Space 2 at panmure bridge school.My teachers are Mrs Anderson,Miss Donaldson and Ms Kirkpatrick. I am lucky to have 3 teachers most likely I have 1 teachers at school.My bother Affonso he has 2 teachers he is lucky to.But my other bothers go to pakuranga college there names are Trinity and Caleb.I have a baby bother has name is Justinhe .I love to play netball for my Club.      

Taj Mahal

Herat Afghanistan