Monday, 23 January 2017

Summer Learning Journey - Word Cloud Bonus Activity

This is my word cloud bonus activity on the most important things I could take to Santiago. I used to make this word cloud.  

Summer Learning Journey - Weather Forecast

For this activity I had to find out a five day forecast of the capital city of Chile I am going to go.

Monday - Sunny
Tuesday - Mostly cloudy
Wednesday - Sunny
Thursday - Sunny
Friday - Sunny

Summer Learning Journey - Currency Exchange

For this activity I had to find out how much money it would take to buy a ticket in New Zealand dollars.  The image down below shows how much it would cost in its own currency. 
Australia, $826 - NZ, $858.21
Japan, $147172 - NZ, 1,795.44
Malaysia, $7182 - NZ, $2,303.09
United Arab Emirates, $7219 - NZ, $2,834.36
South Africa, $27296 - NZ, $2864.75
Germany, $2182 - NZ, $3276.12
England, $1442 - NZ, $ 2587.28
Chile, $1582030 - NZ, $3373.468
Mexico, $90664 - NZ, $6373.69
Canada, $2064 - NZ, $2222.21
The most expensivest place to buy a ticket is Mexico and the cheapest place is Australia.

Summer Learning Journey - Airline


For this activity I had to create a logo of an airline. I named mine New Zealand Airlines because people will know that we are from New Zealand. I have a picture of New Zealand and the logo in the center.  

Summer Learning Journey - Is Breakfast Important?

For this activity for the Summer Learning Journey I had to say if breakfast is the healthiest meal of the day or not. I think it is because it wakes you up, energizes you, makes you ready for the day. The most important reason I think breakfast in the most important meal of the day is because it makes you stay focus in school and helps you think (if you go to school).

Summer Learning Journey - Breakfast

For this Activity I had to compare my chosen country breakfast to what I usually eat here in New Zealand.

1. What do you eat for breakfast? Coco pops - cereal 
2. What people in your chosen country ( Chile ) eat for breakfast? Pastel De Choclo 
3. Which of the two options (your breakfast or the breakfast in the other country) you prefer. Why do you prefer it. I would choose my breakfast because Chile breakfast is too much food for breakfast and it has vegetables and corn which I like. 

Summer Learning Journey - Translation

For this activity for the Summer Learning Journey I had to translate the 5 basic phrases of the following languages: Spanish, German, Malaysian, Japanese, Arabic or Afrikaans. I decided to choose Spanish. 

Good Morning - Buenos dias
Goodbye - Adiós
How much does this cost? - Cuánto cuesta este
When is the next bus? - Cuándo pasa el próximo autobús
Where is the nearest hospital?- Donde esta el hospital mas cercano

Summer Learning Journey - My Feeling

 For this activity I had to take a photo of my self on how I would be feeling. I would be feeling scared because I      would be surrounded by people who speak another language. 

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Summer Learning Journey - New Language

For this activity I had to imagine I was standing in a airport of a foreign country and to figure out how to communicate with people in a brand new language and write a poem on how I would be

Learning new words are harder than I thought 
Went to the store, bought a dictionary 
Its hard to pronounce I wish I had someone with me
I was so confused so I went outside to get some fresh air 
And wondered why am I even here?

Summer Learning Journey- End a Sentence

For this activity I had to choose a sentence out of three and end it. For full points I had to post 8 - 10 sentences.

I looked around and no one was there. It was my birthday and nothing seemed unusual. I thought my my friends were surprising me.  I heard foot steps down stairs, I went and saw a shadow.  I was freaking out. I went closer to the living room. Opened the door. " SURPRISE!! " It was my friends and family. I was so surprised and happy.  

Summer Learning Journey - Choosing A Books For Curious Kiwi

Image result for matilda book

For this activity I had to choose a book for Curious Kiwi to read. I had the choice of the, Hunger Games Catching Fire, Matilda or Diary of A Wimpy Kid the Ugly truth. I choose Matilda because it is very interesting and there are some funny parts.

Summer Learning Journey - Wellington

For this activity I had to write down the things I want to do in Wellington ( Capital city of New Zealand), because I haven't been there. If I have been there I would write the things I did there. The things I want to do in Wellington are to visit the beehive, because its where the government works. The second thing I want to do there is to visit the Wellington zoo because I want to see different animals. 

Summer Learning Journey - Should Bullfighting Be Banned?

For this activity I had to decide whether or not I think bullfighting should be banned. I opinion is that, it should be banned because it is very dangerous for the toreros as they could get injured. It is also dangerous because the bulls can die. I am against bull fighting and I recon it should be banned. 

Summer Learning Journey - Learning The Basics

For this activity, I had to learn the most basic things in Chile. I have to complete the sentences down below which are really basic things to know about Chile.

1. The name of the capital city is Santiago.
2. The population of the capital city is 5.128 million.
3. The languages most spoken is Spanish, Galician, Castilian, and Portuguese.
4. In January, the afternoons can be very hot with a temperature of 30 degrees Fahrenheit. 
5. Santiago is located on the south of Chile. 

Summer Learning Journey - Bonus Activity

For this bonus activity, I had to write a letter to a family member or a friend about why you want to go to the country you choose. This is my letter I wrote: 

Dear Mum, 
I am going to Chile to learn many new things like their language and to try different foods. When I come back I will show the amazing pictures I took of the worlds longest beach and the worlds oldest mummy. I will also teach you Chile's language and hopefully we can go there sometime together. I will be gone for 2 - 5 weeks and I will miss you the most. Love, from Mishaan.

Summer Learning Journey - Facts about Chile

For this second activity, what I had to do was find three facts about Chile. I wasn't allowed to include the facts in the world map.
Fact One: Chile has the worlds biggest swimming pool which is a length of 1000 yards.
Fact Two: Chile has the worlds oldest mummy.
Fact Three: Chile has 17.62 million people.

Summer Learning Journey Week 1 Day 1 Activity 1

Day 1 Activity 1 - Choosing a country

I have chosen Germany in Europe because it is a country that has very little similarities between New Zealand and it, as well as the language not being to different, since it is part of Europe and German uses the same alphabet.