Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Tahuna Torea

Here is my  movie about our trip to Tahuna Torea. The reason why we went on this trip was because it was linked to our topic flight and all senior classes had been looking at the Godwit / Kuaka. The view was really beautiful and we saw lots of interesting things. I also enjoyed playing on the park because there were lots of playground equitment to go on. I really enjoyed playing on the high ropes, the swings and the swirly thing. I really enjoyed my time here. 

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Photo Collage @ TC

This is a photo collage on what we did on Friday. This collage tells a story in time order on what we did. We first had a revise on the scientific words like hypothesis, variables,  and way more. My hypothesis was that I thought my straw rocket would go far, but when it was time to test it out my straw rocket didn't go as far as I wanted it to go. My favorite part was after lunch when we were going to make a real rockets and launch them with real engines. We didn't get to finish them so we are going to finish them this friday. 


On Friday, we spent the whole day at Tamaki Collage making rockets. The first thing we did was make straw rockets. These were really fun as we got to create them and blow them ourselves. Plus, they were really easy to make. After we had lunch, it was time to create the real rockets with real engines and to launch them into the sky. We first had to design all of our rockets and then have to launch them.

Friday, 25 November 2016

athletics day

Today was athletics day for panmure bridge. The year seven's got split into three groups and competed with each other on the different stations that we went to. The first station we went to was were we had to throw netball/basketballs into a hoop. Everyone had lots of fun, even though we stopped early because of the rain.


In hockey today we got to learn a few of the basics and some warm up games just to get a clear idea what was going on.  We first started with a warm up game we played Octopus. We then played a nice game which could help us control and be steady with the ball.  So it was exactly the same as traffic lights but with a hockey stick and a hockey ball. Red light was to stop,  orange light was to slow down a move the ball from side to side , green light was to go fast, silver was to go really fast and Purple was to go backwards but watching where you were going. I enjoyed this activity the most because it helped me more with a skill. Then next game was to juggle the ball with the hockey stick this would help maintain our focus on the ball.  The most I got in a row without dropping it was 12 I thought  I did pretty good considering I was really bad at Hockey.  We then ended off with a nice game which had a twist. You were split into groups then the coach would yell out a number then , say if she calls out 2 , 2 people from each group would run up and   try to score. I enjoyed this lesson because it helped me more of maintaining and controlling the ball. 

Jean Batten Timeline

This week in  inquiry our first task was to make a timeline in chronological order. This specific timeline was about the famous aviator Jean Batten since our Inquiry topic is Flight this would specifically be about aviators and pilots etc. I worked collaborative with Harlem and Mia. We first had to gather information about Jean then had to write it in time order followed by images. I learn so much about this person . I learnt that she is the first women to fly herself across the South Atlantic Ocean.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Manaiakalani film festival

Yesterday we played a game which was based on cyber safety.  Since I landed on a youtube video it came up with commenting with some videos that I assume we had to watch. I thought this was really good that they used old films from the Manaiakalani film festival. This particular  film gave us some commenting tips. The other video also gave us tips. I liked the videos because it's always in steps which made it specific.  I can't wait to continue on with the other activities that are in store for me. 

Kiwi Can

This is an poster that the #Unkown team made in Kiwi Can today. We learnt what say nice or positive thing about people.Facebook is keeping the comment section positive and Messenger you should not give your private info to others people.Instagram you should always follow the people you know and trust others. YouTube watch age restricted videos. Snap-chat Post appropriate photo and videos.You should always keep yourself safe on social media.

Keeping safe on social media with Kiwi Can:

This is the poster that the '#Unknown' team made in Kiwi Can today. We learnt how to say nice or positive things about people. If you use Facebook and Messenger you need to think about keeping the comment section positive. Remember you should never give your private information to other people. If you are using Instagram you should only follow the people you know and trust. If you use YouTube you need to watch videos that are not age restricted for you. When you use Snap-chat make sure you post appropriate photo and videos.

You should always keep yourself safe on social media!

Friday, 4 November 2016


For the past few weeks we have been learning about Godwits. Watch this presentation to find more information. Lyndon, Jorja, Fifita  and I worked together to try and finish off our presentation about Godwits. Godwits are one of the most coolest birds ever. I can't believe that they can fly from New Zealand to Alaska without stopping for 8 days. We have been researching a lot about what they look like, what they eat, where they live, and what eats them. As you can see we have tried our best to put this on our blog

Friday, 28 October 2016

3D sketching

Today for tech the yr 7's were doing 3D sketching at Tamaki College with Miss Ferguson. The yr 7's have been drawing 3D boxes, circles and triangles. We have been drawing boxes because it was a lot easier. We have been focusing on our 1 point perspective-vanishing point. We have been using isometric lines and we have been coloring in our boxes in different kinds of shadings which is named 3 tones. I really had fun sketching 3D boxes. Thank you Miss Ferguson.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Godwits DLO

For the past few weeks I have been learning about the godwits for inquiry. This DLO shows how do birds fly, shows 3 important things before they fly off to Alaska. Godwits always stuff themselves before they fly to Africa, the only reason why they stuff themselves is because they burn half of their weight. It was interesting to find a lot of information about godwits. Fifita and I tried our best to complete this DLO about how do birds fly.   

Rhythm interactive

Today we had rhythm interactive with Johnny and Lucy. They came from all over the world to teach kids and adults from all ages to play the drum. They told us that actions speak louder than words. Everyone got to play on there own drum so everyone got to experience the drum personally. We first had to copy the rhythm Johnny and Lucy was playing and had to use our palm and finger tips to control the sound. Lots of us, really enjoyed this session because each of us got a drum to play on which meant we didn't have to share it around. Teachers also got a drum to play on. Johnny and Lucy did not speak through out the whole session because they wanted us to learn that actions speak louder than words. Everybody really enjoyed Rhythm interactive.

Cybersmart-Mrs O

Today Mrs Ogilvie came to PBS to show the yr 6 and 8 boys and girls a website that we can use for free, and that we can use it without lable for reusing it because they already done it for us. She showed us a website which is called Epic Kids/Infobits. We were really lucky that she showed us thihs website, because sometimes we find it hard looking for the exact picture that we wanted. Thank you to Mrs Ogilvie for coming and showing us this website so that whenever we need to use pictures we can just go to this website and use it from there.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Water, Hydration And Dehydration

Drinking water, also known as potable water or improved drinking water, is water that is safe to drink or to use for food preparation, without risk of health problems

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Collaborative Popplet

This term our inquiry focus was on the Bartailed Godwit but in Maori it is known as the Kuaka. The Yr7's have created a popplet together that tells informations about the appearance, habitat, Migration diet and what effects Godwit/Kuaka in different ways. We also added in some images and videos to give a clear picture of the special bird.  Did you know that they have a 8-9 day non stop flight, this adds up to one whole week and one day which is a short period of time considering they are flying long distance.   We look toward to learn more about the unique birds.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Word Clines

  This is my DLO based a reading can do. I have done a activity on Word Clines. I have learnt lots about word clines, the definition of word clines are finding other words that are the same. E.g (Happy, Joyful, Delighted and more). My goal for reading today was to actually find a interesting words that I hardly use.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

How The Ngatu Came To Tonga.

How The Ngatu Came To Tonga.

Somewhere, some place, beyond the Seven Seas Captain Cook and his crew set off towards a village in Tonga.

We could all hear the ships, we knew there was a war. Mum and I kept back at hope whilst Fefe and Afa ran out. “Fefe you're the oldest so I don’t want you or your brother getting killed!” demanded the mum.
“Yes mum, Afa better listen or i’ll push him into the battle!”

“Don’t be nonsensical, now get your spears and stay safe, I’m counting on you boys to be our villages heroes!!” replied the mum.

Fefe and Afa ran out their puny little house. “Get down..” English men fired their guns, they all wondered who these new type of people were! “THEY HAVE GUNS!” yelled Afa. All the men kept reloading their muskets, Afa and Fefe had a plan. They figured out  how long it took the men to reload. The brothers and the tribe strategized ways to avoid the bullets by studying the soldiers movements. They could see immense bags lined up against the piles of dirt! They had men operating the cannons from the ships and soldiers down on the beach. Afa noticed that some men had swords, that easily meant they could annihilate them. “Fefe, let's move forward!”
“What, no you’ll get us killed!”
“Hey Fefe, whats that colored thing in the bag over there?”
“What that cloth?” replied Fefe.

They began to see things that their village had never experienced before, an artifact! An english man ran up to them, Fefe plunged his spear smashing against him repeatedly. Fefe and Afa felt their adrenaline pumping, nothing like this has never happened in their village.

“Fefe, i’m going to run up to them!”
“No…” Afa then pulled himself up from the dirt and began approaching the english men. It was too late to get him, Afa had already sealed his fate. The guns got fervorous, Fefe knew that mum couldn't live without Afa. Sadly he was gone...

Fefe remembered what their plan was, he started drawing in the sand. “Where are the rest of them?” inquired Captain Cook.
Fefe dived into the luminous water, he could see the ships. Than out of nowhere a man grabbed Fefe, Fefe tried breaking the man’s grip. The water was clear enough to see, Fefe punched the man, smashing him down. Fefe reached down, *Gurgle*  

Bullets plunged through the water, Fefe had reached the ship! “Well, well, well who do we have here?”
“I am here for that artifact in your bag!”
The men were all amazed that Fefe could speak english. Fefe had learnt english when gifted a magical rock, giving him that ability.
Fefe kicked a guard, pulling out his spear. The men formed a circle surrounding Fefe. Captain Cook watched from the top of the ship. Fefe smashed his spear, the force jabbing through the man.

In the end Fefe and his tribe managed to annihilate the crew. Captain Cook began to flee the village, leaving the bags behind. Fefe and the tribe charged towards the ship. Days later the tribe had reached a little place called Hawai’i. The Tongans and Hawaiians kept hidden whilst Captain cook and the rest of his crew came aboard. Fefe could see the men walking slowly, loading their muskets. One man heard a branch snap, he shot! The tribe ambushed the men.

They began fighting. Fefe grabbed hold of Cook, the soldiers spread out rotting on the corpulent sand. Captain Cook was then killed on the 14th in 1779. Fefe and his family were famous for what they did. Fefe found the cloth and that's how Tonga discovered the Ngatu, just like Cook discovered Tonga.

Making peace towards family and representing your people. There is a fine line between bravery and recklessness, and recklessness is not a good thing!

Run, Jump & Throw

This week at run, jump, throw we recapped last week's activities. We were reminded of the proper way to run.

- High knees - You will exaggerate this but when it comes to running in a race it will be less exaggerated .
-  Cheek to cheek - Bend you arms and cheek to cheek means past your face and butt, this keeps your body still.
- Straight Back
- Looking straight - Focused ahead
-  Light Feet - On the palms of your feet
- Run in a straight line

Afterwards, we ran relays with the correct form of running. We learnt the starter positions how we had to stand one metre away then when they say 'on your mark' then walk up to the line, 'set' get into your stance and then the gunfire sounds. We then got into partners and worked on our reaction time wich is how quick we react when the race begins.

Magic Box Poem - By mishaan

I will put in the box....

The pleasurable scent of Lilacs,
A yard full of kittens coloured pearl white, ginger and black,
The stories told, passed down from my ancestors to me to my generation,

I will put into the box …
A meadow full of bunnies scampering across the fields,
A bakery filled with scrumptious cakes muffins and loaves of bread,
The tropical fruits from the pacific islands,

I will put into the box …
An antique box filled with ruby, emerald,sapphire and topaz jewels shimmering and sparkling,
The sweet harmony of birds caroling in the meadows,
Frothy whipped cream melting at the touch of my tongue

My box is fashioned Lapis and emerald blocks from Minecraft with diamonds from mount jubilee, with pink ivory wood on the lid and decorated with word of wisdom in the corners.

Its hinges let no dreams escape

I shall lock out all of my fears in my box

This is my magic box poem. Our goal was to create powerful imagery to in our own words to create a picture in the reader's mind. I found that creating a magic box poem can be so much fun because you can let your imagination run wild and there is no end to how crazy it can be.


Today, in class during maths time, Mrs. Naicker's group were working on problem solving. Our Learning intention was to solve word problems involving addition and subtraction of decimals. To warm us up we practised our basic facts with a mix of division, multiplication, subtraction and addition. Many people in our group scored 30/30. Our group also played hit the button, we had a competition about who could get the most division questions right. After that we were sent to complete our problem solving. These are mainly about subtracting and adding decimals. I have become more confident and faster with working with decimals.

Cross Country

Today we had our cross country fun run , the three runners that place 1st,2nd and 3rd will make it in the
cross country inter school next week Wednesday. I thought today was really fun we ran 4 laps around half of the Dunkirk field. Since it was raining and wanted it to be fast we did year 7 and 8 together but places each other separate.  I am really proud of the people that placed , I am also proud of myself because I came 2nd in my year group and 3nd with the year 8's.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Today for maths we were learning how to recognize decimals and how to order decimals. We were recognizing decimals by using fractions to help us. ( e.g : 0.5 would be 5/10 in a fraction ) We practiced ordering decimals on a online worksheet which we had to read the question and solve it out in our maths book. I was also learning the places for the decimals. I really liked learning about decimals because I was learning something new and it links to fractions which could also help me with fractions.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Ryan Hoffman and John Palavi from the warriors

What we did was that we had an a assembly for Ryan Hoffman and John Palavi from the warriors to come and visit us thank to dtr for making them come to Panmure bridge School we really appreciate it. What we did was that we played some games. First game we played was team trivia it's when we slept into two groups one group was with (hoffy) - that's what they call Ryan Hoffman's nickname so our chant was Hoffy,Hoffy,Hoffy!!! the other team John Palavi's nickname is J.B,  once we did that we counted down to 3,2,1 and then we spend the wheel and then they had to ask us questions and we had to shout Hoffy,Hoffy,Hoffy!!!!! or JB,JB,JB!!!!! and so we answered 5 questions and the first team to shout there chant out loud gets to win so Ryan Hoffman or John Palavi had to pick one of them if they get it right they win a prize. After that we talked about some said "7.00pm,8.00pm and 12.00am" Ryan Hoffman & John Palavi Sleeps really early because they know that they have training and a game. So the game was that we had to figure out what keeps us up and that we can't go school, like t.v,social media,light and many more. When we finished we played another game it was called hydration it's when we play true or false I got one wrong that one was 'Do you drink water after your training' and it was False, because you have to drink water all the time to keep you hydrated,Most of us got it wrong and right.  All of us had really fun having the warriors come by and see us it was amazing.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Cross Country Training

For the past 3 weeks we have been training for cross country and inter-school. From Monday to Wednesday we would get ready by doing stretches and jogging on the spot. Mr Ogovly has told us some useful tips, run in a good pace and at the end you have to sprint to the finish. We have been practicing and been gaining endurance. I have been enjoying running around the school. Thanks Mr Ogovly for training us.LS1 and LS2 have been working hard to get more fit for the semi finals. Who ever comes 1st, 2nd, or 3rd you go to the inter schools final. For the training we have to run from the court down the path around by the hill and through LS2 and the library then to the court.This week we had to do 5 laps. We had to pace ourselves so we can get fit for the semi finals.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016


For the past weeks we have been learning about what Hauora is and how it can relate to an athlete. I learnt that if one wall falls apart the whole house will fall apart which relates to an athlete. I also learnt that the 4 walls ( Whare tapa wha ) names are Taha Wairua, Taha Whanau, Taha Hinegnaro, Taha Tinana. Each of the walls stand for something which are Mental and emotional wellbeing, Physical well being, Social Wellbeing, and spiritual wellbeing.  In this challenge we also did our pulse rate to see how many pulse rates we have in one minute. 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016


This is my screenshot that shows what I have been learning about Fraction. For maths I have been learning to equal and divide fractions. What I had to do was choose the top or bottom to fit into the squares. I have completed this set of fractions symbols. I have learnt how to split up a number of equal parts and divide and share the total number in groups. Fractions help me with Spliting numbers, we actually use fractions everywhere.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Language features

This week in writing Ms Naickers group was learning about Language features.  First we did some activities that would get us to know what language feature. What we had to do was write down what Verbs, Adverbs, Nouns And Metaphors were. It tells you all sorts of verbs or nouns or adverbs.

Olympic DLO

When the Olympic DLO's were laminated I had help from Tiare to put them on the wall. Once I finished that Mrs A put some flags on the wall to make it decorative

Current Events

This is a current events DLO on the big sleep out. We did the normal who, what, when, where, why and how questions along with the what did the author want you to learn how do I feel after reading this and the points of view for each person on the current event.

Language Feature

 Today we were learning to find the language features using the article.We had to highlight words/sentences based on weather it was a Verb,Adverb,Noun,Adjective or a Simile.For our task we had to do was to find all of the Language Features  but when we were finished we had to make a DLO about what we did today.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

LS2 year 7's went to Life education caravan with Nicole. She taught us about our body systems she also introduced us to herald's friend Bob.  She talked about our circulatory which is our  veins,blood and arteries. Our veins are the blue parts of our body this surrounds our whole body. There is also another  one it is called  the arteries this also is all over our bodies. Between the session our class played the rhythm clapping game basically the teacher or person says a number and you have to clap the number but there is a certain rhythm you have to go by it could be fast or slow.  I sadly didn't win but it's okay when we play the game again ill try to win. The last session talked about our kidneys and lungs she talked about how it works. I can't wait till the next session so we can learn more about it. 

LS2 year 7's went to Life education caravan with Nicole. She taught us about our body systems she also introduced us to herald's friend Bob.  She talked about our circulatory which is our  veins,blood and arteries. Our veins are the blue parts of our body this surrounds our whole body. There is also another  one it is called  the arteries this also is all over our bodies. Between the session our class played the rhythm clapping game basically the teacher or person says a number and you have to clap the number but there is a certain rhythm you have to go by it could be fast or slow.  I sadly didn't win but it's okay when we play the game again ill try to win. The last session talked about our kidneys and lungs she talked about how it works. I can't wait till the next session so we can learn more about it. 

Monday, 4 July 2016

Life Education

Today the year 7 went to Life Education. This was the first session of Life Education. Nicole the Life ED teacher she is the one that has been talking to us about our body system like nervous - nerves/reactions, circulatory - blood, muscular - muscles. We have learned a lot in Life ED for our first session. It was good learning also good understanding about our body system. One thing I learned was the heart, Some people think that the heart looks like a heart and it's on the side on your left but it actually looks like your fist and it's in the middle where it has the vanes connected to it. When you break the heart into two parts and connect together it will shape kind of like a love heart and Bob was a hologram.


Today for reading we done some games that is relating to what we have been doing. I played the trapped game and also the authors purpose which is called match generic2. It was fun playing these games because it will help with our reading.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Why should you wear your seat belt

Today students from LS2 said their speech to our groups we were put in. This screenshot on the top is my rubric about my speech. After I said my speech my group worked together to decide what  my score was. From this rubric I learnt that I used a loud clear voice.
Why should you wear your seat belt
As you have probably heard, Ronald McDonald sang a song about seat belts so you should listen to Ronald and Make it Click cause if you're in the back seat and if your the front click goes your seat belt click click click.

Everybody makes choices every day. It could be something basic like what colour of suit should you wear or something like that should I put on a seat belt. I hold the opinion that all of these choices have an impact on our lives.

Seat belts save more than 13,000 lives a year. Compared with other age groups, teens have the lowest rate of seat belt use. Only 53 percent of high school students reported always wearing a seat belt when riding with someone else.

I believe that everybody who is a driver, any passenger, and everybody whose means of transport is a vehicle should and is supposed to put on a seatbelt. When you are driving or even riding in a vehicle, putting on your seat belt will bring down your chance of death or serious injury  in case of a serious accident.

I hope all of you who are listening to this speech today make the bigger choice of wearing your seat belts in your day of travelling even around the corner. The rate of deaths has been on the rise and this has concerned me. This has my urge to do this speech. Therefore I have information on this topic.

We all know that we like to slouch or lean against the windows during the transport. But it makes a difference in terms of safety. Have we sat upright when using seat belts.

Thursday, 23 June 2016


today Javeylor and were doing orienteering. We got given a slip of paper and went around to all the stumps with the letters on them. The whole point of this was to learn how to read a map.

Friday, 10 June 2016


This presentation tells you some facts about China like how to say some of the basic words and some of the seas that surround china. I was learning about the global neighbors of asia as it was our topic. I also learnt that China has a population of 21,150,000 people and that the capital city of China is Beijing.

Are UFOs real

This week for reading our task was to conflict information. We had to choose a topic of what we wanted to conflict on and find artical's if UFO'S were real or not. For this task I worked collaboratively with Zahra as my partner. After that we put our information together and wrote a small paragraph if UFO'S were real.